• Identity & Access tools helps you manage

    User Identity & Access Multi-factor & OTP Detect & Deny Security policy configuration
  • Soch delivers results. Our services include

    Application Development Project Management Quality Assurance Product Lifecycle Management
  • Audit and Application Management tools

    gives you visibility that safeguards

    Audit Management Security policy Management Data Security Security Assessments
  • Get in compliance and Stay in compliance

    Cybersecurity Protects sensitive data Reduce risk Credibility
  • Supports policy changes on the fly in real time
  • Deploys and migrates quickly and easily from lower environments to production
  • Provides intuitive work flows with minimal learning curves
  • Supports both desk top and mobile devices
  • Delivers secured and loosely coupled framework
  • Offers modularity and scalability to accommodate growth and enhancements
  • Provides vendor agnostic platform for maximum flexibility
  • Delivers Multi Factor Authentication
  • Provides device and location recognition
  • Offers online account suspend and unsuspend capability
  • Provides end-to-end data encryption
  • Delivers low maintenance and support costs
  • Provides reusable components to support expansion
  • Offers best-in-breed identity and access management without the costly customization costs
  • Offers highly secured solution to handle personal information
  • Provides easily configurable solution to corporate security policy challenges and changes
  • Ease-of-use reduces human error that can lead to breaches




Featured Products

Identity Management

Access Management

Systems Audit

Policy and Compliance


Product Lifecycle Management

What derails so many large IT projects is business requirements not being clearly understood prior to the application design process beginning. Typically, these missing business requirements are not uncovered until very late in the project, most often during the integration testing phases. The missing requirements become enhancements for subsequent implementations with the clients having little to no say-so. The client/vendor contracts are written to the advantage of the vendor and vendors make the majority of their revenue on subsequent maintenance and enhancement projects.



Ease of Integration

  • We pride ourselves on actually utilizing the latest frameworks, supported open source components, and industry best practices in architecture and technical infrastructure design
  • Soch places great emphasis on thoroughly understanding your business and technical requirements and corporate standards before we begin architectural design work
  • We take great care to make wise technical decisions with respect to selection of protocols that best fit your requirements
  • Our philosophy is to do the job correctly the first time and to establish a long-lived technical foundation for low cost of ownership and less costly enhancements
  • We leverage true loosely coupled designs that are platform independent, highly scalable and thus provide for easier integration
  • Soch is well experienced with complex integration challenges across multiple corporate domains utilizing commercial integration bus platforms
  • Our integration solutions can be implemented much more quickly and are more lasting, better performing and less costly than our competitors