System Provisioning made easy

Perigon Cyber Access Secures Your On-Off Boarding & Access Provisioning.

Soch has made it easy to manage your organizations' access provisioning, whether it's 1 or 1,000 employees

Similar to how the TSA uses strict measures to keep you safe in the air, Perigon keeps your systems safe using the strictest protocols of any platform available. Do you have a single checkpoint for access to your systems? Most organizations do not. Soch offers a unique combination of HR on-off boarding with a system access module to keep track of who has been on/off boarded and who has what access, who requested each access, who authorized access, and who implemented it. With continuous daily threats of cyber thefts, it is imperative and critical to have secured on-off boarding processes and systems access provisioning with respect to your organization’s security policies in order to safeguard your systems and data. If you're responsible for ensuring access is granted or rescinded, with its easy to navigate UI and clearly defined structure, Perigon is the #1 choice to help you sleep more soundly at night, knowing your systems are safer from unwarranted intrusions.

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Key Features

One-stop-shop secure checkpoint
Built-in workflows
Digitizes paper forms
Restricts self authorization
360° view of employee access
Ensures security and privacy

It is imperative to have a clear picture who has what access, who authorized it and why. Your all-in-one On-Off boarding solution to maximize effectiveness.

Perigon is a unique integration of the on-off boarding process with system access features to keep track of the events such as who requested, requested for, who approved and who implemented.
Perigon offers intuitive workflows with real-time status of events out of the box.
Keeping cyber security in mind, Perigon inherently stops self-authorization for any event, which means every request must go through the proper work-flow and get approvals from respective parties such as a manager, HR, business owner, system owner, security officer, admins, etc.
Whether you have one or many systems, Perigon provides one secured checkpoint to get access to any and all of your systems.


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On/Off Boarding Workflows

Onboarding & offboarding workflow for wage, classified, contractors & volunteers.

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System Provisioning

System access for new employees with respect to HR or working title.

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Role Allocation

Entitlements/roles for each system tied to onboarding a new hired position or title.



Real-time tracking of all onboarding, offboarding and modification requests.


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Intuitive Workflows

Includes Manager, HR, IT/System Owner & Information Security Officer Approvals.

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Workflow based on separation reason codes and terminate system access immediately.

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Upon new requests for any employee or separation, notifications are sent to the responsible parties.

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Timely Termination

Timely termination of system access of offboarded employees.

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Recertification Process

Automated process to certify all employees for system and entitlement role access.

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360° View

360° view of all system and number of active employees with entitlement.

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Full visibility of who has what access and who authorized it. No more self authorization.

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Audit Reports

Every user activity is logged at field level to provide full traceability of who did what and when.

Efficient & Cost Effective

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Out-of-the-Box Interface

  • RestFUL API
  • Active Directory / LDAP
  • Single Sign-On
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Stay in compliance with HR and system security policies.

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Minimum Technology

Requires minimal configuration or specialized skill set.

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Continual support from the Soch team.

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