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Are your systems and data secure? Are you pro-actively working to safeguard your data against continuous cyber threats? What is the current risk level for your IT portfolio? These are the questions that keep IT and security leadership awake at night. Verity lets you answer these questions with confidence. Our tool combines Governance, Risk, and Compliance with IT portfolio management and business impact analysis. The Verity platform integrates policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines with your IT portfolio to ensure systems are in compliance with regulations and are in line with your organizations' goals from a governance perspective. Verity provides out-of-box full life cycle management for audits and self-assessments. It offers a real-time dashboard to identify systems that are at risk, out of compliance, especially sensitive and have upcoming audits.

Verity will give you more control over governance, risk, and compliance processes.

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Key Features

All-in-one business impact analysis dashboard
Intuitive workflow management
Policies, standards, procedures and guidelines
Risk management framework
Incident manager
360° view of IT portfolio
Soch's RIIM Approach


REVIEW: We will conduct a thorough analysis of each of your systems and their components. We will look into your existing SPG's and their alignment to NIST, HIPAA, and or your industry standards.


IDENTIFY: During the review, we will identify compliance gaps such as IT, business, financial, and operational risks and present a detailed report outlining the best approach(es) to mitigate those gaps. We will also present a SWOT analysis.


IMPLEMENT: We will develop an implementation plan to address all the weaknesses or gaps found in the previous steps. We will implement the Soch Verity solution for short-term and long-term remediation to get you and keep you in compliance in order to protect your systems and data.


MONITOR: Verity will provide monitoring where an organization can utilize the following features:

  • Regular assessments & audits
  • Business impact analysis
  • Incident management
  • Reporting
Risk Management Framework

Soch’s Cyber-Security and Cyber-Privacy Risk Management Framework provides your organization with a detailed, comprehensive model to get and keep you in compliance, thereby protecting your data and privacy. It’s based on standards such as NIST 800-37r2, to safeguard your systems and data from ongoing cyber threats.

Prepare - Carry out essential activities, goals & objectives, and information system levels of the organization to help prepare the organization to manage its security and privacy using the RMF

Categorize - Categorize the system based on data and define security & privacy for each system

Select Controls - Select security controls for the system based on the security categorization; NIST 800-37 r2; NIST 800 - 53 r4

Implement Controls - Document how the controls are positioned within the system and environment of operation

Assess Controls - Audit and Assess POA&Ms

Authorize Systems - Based on the assessment of the risk to organizational operations and assets, individuals, other organizations, we’d provide Authority to Operate (ATO)

Monitor - Continuously assess and monitor selected security controls

Get Ahead of System Failure

Most executives believe they understand what the impact will be of a system failure. But most don’t have the full picture. It’s every executive’s worst nightmare to wake up to find their organization’s systems are down and their customers are impacted. It’s costly to your reputation and your bottom line. Verity from Soch is an all-encompassing platform that will help identify the following:

  • The root cause, business and security impact, and remedy to fix it.
  • Relationships between each of your IT systems, assets, and business units.
  • All IT systems and their dependency on employees.
  • On-going systems’ health and its impact on your organization.
  • Lessons learned and how to prevent such occurrences in the future.

Don’t be caught off guard due to a system failure, unexpected server downtime and or upgrade, or the departure of an employee. Be prepared. Verity’s Business Impact Analysis will provide you with a complete view of the interrelationships within your IT portfolio for both scheduled and unscheduled events.


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Cyber-Security Management

Simplifies & enhances cyber-security management

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Provides dashboards for oversight of security policies, audits, assessments, & application systems.

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Compliance Center

A one-stop solution for GRC, IT portfolio, & audit management.

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Manages upcoming events, such as audits, pending tasks, and assessments.


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Document Management

Documents can be easily uploaded & associated with specific audits & applications.

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Historical Data

Retains historical data for audit purposes and business continuity.

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SPGs & Policies

Standards, procedures, guidelines, and policies such as Federal/NIST-800 publications, State/COV VITA 501, 508, etc., can be easily added to the tool.

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RMF 2.0

Provides out-of-the-box Risk Management Framework V2.0 for systems & data security.

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Audit Repository

Repository for audit artifacts such as findings, business risks, security, corrective action plans, exceptions, and management decisions.

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System Assessment

Provides internal and Vendor hosted systems assessment capability.

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Policy Compliance

Ability to compare Vendor systems with State/Federal policies.

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  • Application dependencies & resources
  • Servers
  • Technical components
  • Budgets

Efficient & Cost Effective

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Reduce Manual Effort

Greatly reduces manual efforts by ISO & provides greater visibility to audits, assessments & applications.

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Comprehensive Audit Solution

Offers comprehensive audit solution w/ a low cost to own & an immediate ROI

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Minimum Technology

Requires minimal configuration or specialized skill set.

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Continual support from the Soch team.

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