Citizen Communication Management System

Communication gaps lead to inefficiencies, let CCMS correct that

Let technology reduce your social distancing.

Are you ready to better serve your citizens and employees? CCMS can help you take the burden away from day-to-day administrative duties. Many of the internal challenges that an agency faces concern processes which are time-consuming due to the manual work required to complete them. This can slow down the response time and the entire operation. When you digitize and automate your processes not only are you saving time & money, you're also creating a better environment for employees to better serve citizens with greater transparency and credibility. Let CCMS do the heavy lifting for your organization and provide the right information at the right time to better serve your citizens.

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Key Features

Direct communication between citizens and the department
Track each request throughout its lifecycle
Robust Reporting
Centralized Repository
Fast & Secure
Intuitive Workflows


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User Friendly

Simple and easy to use for both employees & citizens.

Icon Effective Engagement

Effective Engagement

Stay engaged with your citizens and employees.

Icon Fast Setup

Fast Setup

CCMS can be operating internally and externally within a week for your organization.


Linguistic Friendly

Simple and easy way to translate your content to maximize efficiency.


Icon Direct Communication

Direct Communication

Allows citizens to effectively communicate with your organization.

Icon Workflows

Intuitive Workflows

Manage your citizen requests and other communications in one dashboard.

Icon Notifications


Notified when an inquiry from the public is received and requires your attention.

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Tracking Requests

Track each request throughout its lifecycle.

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Robust Reporting

Executive-level reports that show whether citizens' inquiries are being addressed.

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Inquiries are assigned to a person or team that is qualified to provide a response.

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Centralized Repository

Reduces the amount of redundant requests & extra work associated with inquiries.

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Fast & Secure

You're notified instantly when inquiries come through & only authorized employees can access CCMS.

Efficient & Cost Effective

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Out-of-the-Box Interface

  • RestFUL API
  • Active Directory / LDAP
  • Single Sign-On
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React Quickly

Citizens receive responses much more quickly and receive more accurate responses.

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Minimum Technology

Requires minimal configuration or specialized skill set.

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Continual support from the Soch team.

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