FOIA Management Solution

Optimize and efficiently operate your FOIA requests and privacy compliance processes.

Why are FOIA management solutions important?

Since 1967, the public has had the right to request access to records from any federal agency. FOIA requests can often pile up which means your team is looking at time-consuming tasks that involve a lot of paperwork which often creates negative experiences for your citizens and headaches for the employee doing the work. Soch has created the FOIA management system which aims to improve citizen experiences by automating the entire request process and allows FOIA officers to track requests from start to finish. You can now stay organized with an all-in-one dashboard that streamlines the FOIA process and allows your agency to efficiently operate. When it comes to government agencies, everyone is being asked to do more with less, we want to empower your organization with fearless technology.

Become ECO-friendly today and digitize your processes.

Eco Friendly

The Paper-Reduction Act of 1980

Even in the 80's the U.S. government knew paper-waste was an issue, not with just the cost but also economically. So they decided to establish the Paperwork Reduction Act. This act was designed to reduce the amount of paperwork that the federal government imposed on citizens and private businesses. A burden that many organizations are still carrying today. Why be part of the problem, when you can be part of the solution?

"We believe that making a positive impact on the environment whether it's microscopic or enormous, leaves hope for a better future "
-Sunny Singh
Principal, Research & Product Development at Soch, Inc


Key Features

All-in-one solution for FOIA management
Automated workflow processes
Role-based access
Automated billing & invoicing
Stay up-to-date with compliance
Reduces human errors



Digitizes FOIA Process

Easily manage all stages of the FOIA requests from start to finish.


Stay Compliant

Stay up-to-date on state compliancy.

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Role Based Access

Entitlements/roles for each system tied to agency title.


Paper Reduction

Digitizing your processes translates to a reduction in paper and paper products.


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Intuitive Workflows

Digitizing your processes translates to a reduction in paper and paper products.

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Automated billing & invoicing

Modernize your AP system and ensure your profitability reports are accurate w/ real-time data.

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Keep track of what was changed, when, and by who.

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Standardize the process of approvals to save time and maximize efficiency.

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Use our integrated search function to locate active and archived requests and other documents quickly.

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Data Protection

Builds the relationship between the collection and dissemination of data by adding privacy and security.

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Full visibility of who has what access and who authorized it.

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Audit Reports

Every user activity is logged at field level to provide full traceability of who did what and when.

Efficient & Cost Effective

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Saves Resources

Saves your organization both time & money.

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Eliminates unproductive behaviors.

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Minimum Technology

Requires minimal configuration or specialized skill set.

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Continual support from the Soch team.

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