Elections Integrity System

Ensure your elections equipment is secure before, during, and after elections

Whether your state has one certified voting system or many, you need to have a reliable, secure way of ensuring that each and every voting machine meets the standards and is secured.

This is where Integra from Soch comes in. Integra is the ONLY solution in the market specifically designed to provide state-level elections officials with the information they need to determine whether their localities are secured and in compliance.(Designed to exceed the NIST security standards, you can be assured that the information being sent through Integra is secure.) The technology is complex but using Integra is simple. Whether it’s Cybersecurity or Logic & Accuracy, Integra covers all in one solution to ensure safe and accurate elections.

Integra is key to protecting America's democracy. Integra will help you gain the confidence that standards are being met and your state's election is secure.



Key Features

Ensure Cybersecurity and Cyberprivacy of all localities
Robust reporting & auditing
What is at Risk and why
Fully adaptable to account for changes in election standards & laws
Secure exchange of information and Centralized repository


Icon User Friendly

User Friendly

Easy to use with an Intuitive User Interface.

Icon Fast Setup

Quick Setup

Easy to configure, you'll be up & running in weeks.

Icon Reduce Errors

Reduce Errors

Eliminates human error.

Icon Compliant

Stay Compliant

An out-of-the-box solution built to your state's election & security standards.


Icon Efficient Exchanges

Efficient Exchanges

Direct information exchange between Election Directors & State Election officials.

Icon Robust Reporting

Accurate Reporting

Robust reporting and auditing.

Icon Safe & Secure

Safe & Secure

Secure exchange of information.

Icon Adaptable


Fully adaptable to account for changes in election standards and laws.

Icon Repository

Central Repository

Centralized repository for information and documentation.

Icon AI

Advanced AI

Built-in advanced artificial intelligence.

Icon Role Based


Role-based access.

Icon Fast & Secure Icon


Analytical dashboards for local and state officials.

Efficient & Cost Effective

Icon Reduces Resources

Reduces Resources

Reduces manual efforts.

Icon awesome-box-open

Easy Solution

Can be run as on-premise or Cloud solution to reduce costs.

Icon material-computer_white

Minimum Technology

Requires minimal configuration or specialized skill set.

Icon zocial-email


Continual support from the Soch team.

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