Election Management Solution

Gain and grow trust with your citizens

Manage Elections with integra


Election Workers

Officers of Election

Election Site Managers

Surveys for availablity

Integrated Communications (text, email, etc)


Voting Systems


Election/Voting Site

Election Supplies

Warehouse/Facility Management


Logic & Accuracy

Chain of Custody

Election Readiness

Data Privacy & Security

Incident Reporting & Resource Management

Integra - Proven Election Management Solution Across Many States

360 Degree View of a Precinct/ Voting Location

See your precinct/voting location

Election Officers with their roles/ titles

Election Supplies needed to conduct elections

Which voting equipment are assigned

Chain of Custody of voting equipment

Election Survey

Know WHO can work

Survey your poll worker base - or a subset - to see who is available to work an election

Responses return directly to your scheduling template

Communicate/ coordinate with poll workers directly from a schedule screen via text or email

Reports & more information

Scheduling Map

See Your Precinct And Nearby Poll Workers​

See poll workers who live near a precinct and their availability to work

Hover over a pin to see who they are

Schedule poll workers directly from this screen

Outreach for recruitment

Asset Traffic Control

Inventory, Logic & Accuracy and Chain of Custody

Track all your assets at one place

Logic & Accuracy testing, maintenance checklist and more to ensure the integrity of all voting equipment

Chain of Custody, track all outgoing and incoming voting equipment

Delivery sheets with voting equipment and location information for the set up

Election Worker Training

Training election workers based upon their roles

Video Training, Quiz and many more features

In-person Training

Notify election workers for upcoming training events

Send reminders to election workers

Track attendance and credits for training

Election Worker Portal

Election Workers can access their schedules

Election schedules for election day, early voting or pre/post processing

Sign-up for upcoming election trainings, watch videos etc.

Upload documents and see all communication with the election office

Role/Title based access to portal

View Roster option for precinct/voting location leadership

Integra is your solution to managing the elections effectively, economically and efficiently

Election Worker Training

Creating Training events, scheduling these and communicating these to the election workers. Allowing election workers to select their choice of attendance, reporting of who has/has not registered for training, ability to follow up with reminders, taking attendance, keeping track of curriculum completion, tracking (by election) training attendance

Election Schedule

Creating early voting and election day schedules, tracking shift fulfillment, sending confirmations and reminders, taking attendance, identifying party representation at each voting center

Sign Up module

Allowing election workers the visibility into training options for their assigned role, allow election workers to select their training, allow election workers to self-direct an edit/change their choice prior to a deadline

Survey module

Election office can survey the election worker base or subset of the election workers to determine availability for early voting and election day, responses are returned directly into Integra’s election scheduling module

Election Worker Portal

Election workers can see and edit their profile with any changes, election workers can upload documents and artifacts, relating to HR requirements, election workers have visibility into training class options for their roles, election workers can choose which course is most convenient, election workers may edit/change these choices, election workers can see their election schedules

Communication Channels

Send mass emails & texts to poll workers, site managers or board members. Send out custom surveys, reminders & much more collaborate with election workers and others

Managing Voting Centers

Election workers are scheduled for specific locations, critical site documents are stored, voting center staff and contact information is stored

Voter Identification Confirmation (VIC)

Check voter registration for each election worker

Inventory Management

Complete inventory and location solution for each election asset. Barcodes and unique location identifiers to align with your storage facilities

Logic & Accuracy

Checklist of testing procedure and historical data for each machine, stored by each unique election

Chain of Custody

Recording and storage of each asset for each transportation, storage and election site. Artifacts, such and pictures or video may be attached for verification. Use of bar codes is integrated


The election workers wear multiple hats during election cycle, pay them based upon their title/ role whether it is hourly during early voting and stipend on the Election Day. All payments for election schedule, training and any other amount at one place makes it easy for paying on time

How election officials are benefitting

We make streamlining your processes easy. Here`s how hundreds of localities are advancing by using Integra. 

Rich Venskoske is an election official in Northern Virginia. A self-admitted “power user”, Rich has streamlined his poll worker and election equipment inventory efforts through Integra.

Mark Coakley is an election official in a large county, an area outside of Virginia’s state capitol. He has first hand experience of time and money savings, through implementing Integra.

“Integra is super intuitive. I was concerned I’d forgotten how to use it, after being away for a few weeks. I shouldn’t have worried – I found myself zipping along today!”

Election Official

“I think this is great – to have all the information I need in one place.”

Polling official

“I estimate we will save our County over $65,000 a year, for just the Poll Worker module alone! Plus, I can reach my goal to pay my workers quicker.”

State Election Official

“We have been using Integra for a few years. It’s made our professional work easier. The software provides all the security submission requirements of the state as well as modules to manage elections and poll workers.”

Government Election Official

“Integra is fast, easy and secure.”

Poll Worker

“It’s definitely user friendly!”

Election Official

The elections’ integrity is imperative and critical to our democracy

Use case
The need for accountability and transparency of Chain of Custody of ballots and election equipment is vital. A clear audit trail is demanded by our legislatures and our citizens

Success Factors

  • Citizens had a higher trust factor in their public servants for the election process.
  • Election officials attained increased confidence in conducting fair, safe and accurate elections to better serve their constituents.
Accountability & Transparency

How we do

Your journey and success with integra

We understand that each state is unique when it comes to elections and within the state the locals may have unique processes to conduct elections.

Integra uses your language of your election process -titles, statues, election workers information, training set up and payment process


No chatbots 🙂 The training is with a live instructor with hand-on experience where the user is in the driver seat to navigate through the Integra


Unparalleled support, training on demand for any new users, custom fields to support election processes, best practices, and knowledge sharing


Mis-Dis-, Malinformation – Don’t Take The Bait!


Sounds Like Integra Might Be The Right Choice For Your Organization?


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