The Big Four Blog Series: Everything is Connected |

Interdependence and Your Election Ecocycle

Over the last few weeks, we’ve taken a look at the most pressing topics election officials deal with across the nation, regardless of locality size or location.

We’ve enjoyed taking a journey through these familiar issues and hope we’ve been able to provide helpful and timely insights in the process. If you missed them, you can check them out here.

We are going to conclude our miniseries by looking a final elephant straight in the eye. In case you missed it, throughout this blog series we have discussed various “elephants in the room” or unspoken problem areas that election officials deal with on a daily basis.

The problem: We’ve got numerous systems; introduced over time to solve various concerns. At one time, introducing these various systems solved an issue. But now, they just give us a headache. These can be systems introduced locally or at state or federal level.

The solution: a single, streamlined approach to all your election needs.

A successful election ecocycle demands interaction, interdependency, and inter-operational solutions. It’s simply inefficient and error-prone to have independent, siloed approaches to our election business.

Here’s a familiar example: Your locality is challenged with establishing a Chain of Custody solution. An effective solution involves people (those at the election office where our voting machines are stored), the individual transporting the machines and those onsite receiving the machines. The solution will also involve property (your originating location, the vehicle being used to transport, the machines themselves and the destination location). Finally, any long-term solution must also involve a clear process (how are you capturing & documenting the “hand off” at each stage).

If you already have key data points in a SINGLE environment, this Chain of Custody challenge becomes clearer and more defined. The best part is you are allowing your SYSTEMS to drive your work effort, rather than the other way around.

There is a lot at stake when thinking about the vital importance of interdependent systems. Gaining control and visibility of your entire process and seeing your election ecocycle as ONE environment with interactive areas, allows you to better manage your people, your property and your processes.

Getting started on this journey now will certainly have you in a strong position for 2023 and 2024 elections!

Still finding yourself stuck using multiple, independent approaches to managing your elections? Consider this: the election process is by nature and definition interdependent. Why limit yourself to antiquated approaches that do not reflect that?

It’s time, right now, to consider HOW and WHEN you’ll transition to an integrated, inter-operational approach to the election ecocycle.

“There ‘s never a good time to implement change” is a common refrain from election officials ready to transition to updated systems. The opposite side of that statement is applicable in this case: “There’s never a bad time to implement change”.

At Soch, we’ve developed a single solution toward the Election Ecocycle. We’re being used in hundreds of localities, every day. If you are at all curious, let’s schedule a time to see how YOU and your citizens can start benefiting. (link to Integra page)

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