Soch Launches FOIA Pro

Soch, Inc., based in Richmond, VA, is leading the way for government agencies to streamline their​ Freedom-of-Information Act​ requests through digitization and automation to facilitate greater citizen interactions and decrease administrative burden.

“​As the need for visibility and transparency continues to rise, agencies everywhere are being asked to do more with less​,” said Sunny Singh, Soch founder and​principal ​of research and development. “​Now with FOIA Pro, you can do more by increasing your efficiency and reduce the time and money spent on requests​

After speaking with COV agencies, it was clear that there was a desire among FOIA officers to make the FOIA process more efficient. Soch’s team of dedicated experts have created an innovative, COV-compliant FOIA solution that can help FOIA officers easily convert their current manual process into a digitized and productive system.

Soch is giving users  an experience that combines a newly designed interface with a plethora of features including but not limited to:

  • Embedded COV Compliance Code​ – FOIA Pro​ allows your agency to comply with regulations.
  • Intuitive Workflows- ​Put your workflow on autopilot and let automation reduce the manual labor for you.
  • Automated responses- ​Provides real-time communication & notifications so you can act quickly.
  • Logging & auditing of all FOIA requests: ​Monitor sensitive data and keep track of any potential security breaches or any misuse of information.
  • Role-Based Access: ​Gain better insight as to who has access to what when fulfilling requests and stop all self authorizations.

FOIA Pro offers a single, consolidated solution to manage the FOIA process throughout its life-cycle, from start to finish. FOIA Pro ‘s technology can empower your agency, help change the agency culture, builds employee confidence and increases visibility and transparency. Soch’s solution helps your agency save time and money while ensuring you stay compliant. For more on Soch’s FOIA Pro system, visit ​