South Carolina Launches Integra

Richmond, VA, December 1, 2012. Soch TM Inc, a leading provider of public sector cyber security and reliable data protection, successfully implemented the Integra Election Ecocycle System across all counties in South Carolina. Integra is essential for ensuring proper elections oversight and is a much-needed system of records for both local jurisdictions and state-level officials to ensure both human processes and data are captured.

Keeping our election environments safe and secure has become a very visible and critical concern. Integra has allowed South Carolina’s elections officials the ability to have a clear overview of their security posture. Integra helps assure the equipment on site meets the required standards and the staff is trained to their responsibilities.

Soch’s Integra platform provides a 360-degree view into the implementation of security measures along with associated risk levels. Integra proactively provides precise fact-based data about which localities need help or may have security risks.

Integra covers other core election processes such as voting equipment, inventory management, certification of vendors and solutions, logic and accuracy, notifications and intuitive reporting to keep leadership apprised of sensitive and critical processes.